Ocean connects the world. We reach the goals by serving the Universe.

“VARBAT SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD.” (VSML) —- “Varbat” is a Sanskrit word वार्बट (n) which means “SHIP” and this has been taken from ancient Sanskrit language which has history of its own as widely known.

The company has its headquarters in Cyprus and a presents’ in Mumbai, India as well. Drawing its strength from the experience of its team is committed to provide a world class services. We aim to continuously exceeding our clients´ expectations by providing the highest quality and professional management services. We based our success on the tremendous added-value granted to our clients by leveraging a strong global network and the will of being a leading force in the maritime industry.

The company is committed to express its gratitude and trust by expanding its services to chartering, vessel’s recycling, vessel accounting & maritime law consulting, supply of vessels spare parts but by maintaining the same values, ethics and quality service.